Our hotel and you, faced with the COVID19 / Coronovirus pandemic: Chalet Matsuzaka charter

Dear Guests and Friends of Chalet Matsuzaka,

In this global pandemic, everyone has been touched in different ways and at different levels by this health crisis.

Our first thoughts are of you. We hope that in this crisis without precedent, that you have been the least impacted possible, for your health but also for your jobs, work and your family life.

The tourist sector and the hotel industry have been affected by almost total closure. Holidays and travelling put onto a permanent pause for health and safety reasons for everybody. Like most, we have been forced to close temporarily but we are positive and we are working very hard to make sure we are ready when things start up again that we do so in the very best way.

Our efforts have been to define new ways of working within Matsuzaka for health, operational and cleaning practises to allow us to guarantee your safety and security during your stay with us. This has been done with advice and recommendations from our professional branches and also government guidelines. However, we have tried to go above and beyond (see our charter above for the specific protocols in place)..

We would also ask that you work with us to follow our new protocols in order to protect everybody that depends on our activity (hotel staff, our external partners, cleaners, suppliers, etc..)

We thank you enormously for your loyalty and your understanding. Again rest assured that we are putting into place everything necessary and will reply to any questions that you may have regarding our hotel and the practises that we have put in place. For any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us directly: