Our Japanese Spa

After a day full of activity in the mountains, nothing is more pleasurable than a moment of relaxation in the Japanese SPA!

Well-being at Matsuzaka

Chalet Matsuzaka’s Japanese Spa featuring a “Rotemburo” (outside hot pool), an “Ofuro” (inside hot pool) and sauna, was built for the ultimate in relaxation in the mountains.

Entering a bath in Japan is about entering another world. A place where one not only cleanses the body but also the mind and the  soul.

Unlike western bathrooms, the Japanese bathing area is normally separate from the main house. A place we go with deliberation and anticipation. Often located in the garden area, we chose to locate the spa at Matsuzaka next to the forest, with views into the far distance, and the light of the sunset to close the day.

Open from 4pm to 8pm, the spa is for the exclusive use of our own hotel customers with both open and private sessions for our guests to experience the meditation and relaxation of a traditional Japanese ryokan 旅館.

Massages & Treatments

As well as the Japanese spa, here at Chalet Matsuzaka we have two treatment rooms where we can offer to our customers some excellent rituals to chase away those little stresses, rediscover those relaxed muscles which seem to be lost, learn to breathe again and boost our well-being.. our chosen therapists come to the chalet for these treatments, so think to book these in advance.

Bespoke Massages

SLOW DOWN, RELAX, UNWIND, and have a little ME time! At Matsuzaka, we believe that the power of massage cannot be unlocked without considering the individual needs of the client. The treatment will always be completely tailored to suit the way a client is feeling on that day, in that moment. No one massage will ever be the same and our therapists will ask questions at the beginning of the session to determine how the client is feeling, whether they would like to relax or re-energise, detox or restore.

Prices: 45 mins = 65€, 60 mins = 85€, 90 mins = 105€

Facial treatment

The Ritual of Namaste is an advanced skincare range that shows the utmost respect for nature as well as your natural beauty. All of the products have been developed with responsibly sourced natural or naturally derived ingredients, making them ideal for unveiling your natural beauty. The anti-ageing formulas enriched with saffron flower and holy lotus, a unique combination that helps to regenerate the skin, leaving it bright and radiant.

Indulge yourself a luxurious Anti-Aging facial of 50 min* for 95€ or let yourself drift into peaceful bliss with a combined facial and massage of 80 min* for 125€.

*All prices include installation and consultation time.